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What is it about Sept 24th? My last post on this blog was a  day like this exactly a year ago.

Seeing the school children this morning, I felt nostalgic of my primary school days.

I remember those times in Primary school when I tell a bully I will call my mummy to school and he/she will start begging. Public primary school of those days where Mathematics is written as ‘ISIRO’ on the blackboard. If you think it’s not possible, ask me the name of the school and the village. When we will go to the teachers house to fetch water and clean the house. When the teachers brings EGUSI to school for us to peel. On Fridays, we source for charcoal and use leave and the grinded charcoal to darken the blackboard.

Those times always reminds me that tough times never lasts, when I will be woken up in the morning and I will be like ‘when will this ever come to an end”? It did came to an end when I finished my primary education and heave a sigh of relief that I can now play. No wonder the saying, Make Hays while the sun shine.  Little did I know that I was just beginning. Learning process is never going to end. Up till date, am still writing one exams or the other, and I have to wake up early on Sat or Sun just like every other days to attend lectures, I have come to believe that the day  we die is our rest day. So, I don’t bother about rest anymore.

Really, How can someone dare think of rest or play when nothing has been achieved? I am of the opinion that rest comes after work, not before. 

As for me, I want that beautiful house, the beautiful car, I still want to pursue that masters abroad and till all this is achieved, no retreat, no surrender.

Bless you all

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