How Clothes can boost our mood.

How Clothes can boost our mood.

If you are someone like me who chooses what to wear in accordance with my mood, you will understand what it means when you already  have the clothes to wear the following day ready a day before. For me some clothes are associated with happiness, there’s a kind of look i want to have when am in a happy mood. There are times i believe wearing some clothes on a day when am not going to have much contact with people equates to wasting them(the clothes). My new job as an SAP Consultant/HR Business Analyst means  i have to look good every time am meeting clients irrespective of my mood.

Am always somehow happy when I have made up my mind on wearing a particular cloth the following day. It really means a lot to me. It means i don’t have to waste much time in front of the wardrobe looking for what to wear and it also means that i will be in a good mood throughout that day. Sometimes, spending so much time looking for what to wear alone is enough to set me in a wrong mood for the day. This happens to me a lot because having to try clothes on before choosing which one to wear means i have to change the girdle as much time as possible because there is different girdle for different clothes in my wardrobe and this exercise alone wears me out even before stepping out. Especially when i settled for clothes that will require ironing , that’s too much stress for me.

The irony is as much as i know that picking my clothes for the next day will save me a lot of time and stress, i still find one reason or the other not to do it. I will be telling myself, i wont spend much time in front of my wardrobe until its time to pick and i will search and search and search. The reason is you never can tell what your mood will be the next day.

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Hello. Am Olumide Ilara. A young mother of 2. In my mid 30s …. Human Resources Specialist cum IT Consultant,who strives for quality, excellence, integrity & accountability. Living in Lagos, full of life, humorous and contented.

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