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My Disappearing Act – Jaw Wiring


I know i promised i wont be far from this blog but guess what? Life drama has set in again. Pursuing my dreams and raising my kids has kept me busy.  Had to prepare for a professional exams which i have abandoned for sometime now. I just finished writing the exams and a lot of junk food went down during the preparation and as expected my tummy which has always been an extension of my body extended the more and people started greeting and pampering me like a ”preggie” again (yes, again, i experience that once in a while whenever i stop exercising and i stuff myself with all sorts of food). Then i made a drastic decision to have my jaw wired.

This is a decision have been ‘fiddling’ with for some time now. I didn’t think twice about it when i got to the exam hall and the invigilators were teasing me saying i have 4 babies in my tummy. How could i have responded that i have no baby in there. Who would even believe that? Not with that mass in my mid-region.

I went to the dentist the following day and had my jaw wired and have been on liquid diet. Taking smoothies, pap, juice e.t.c. It’s been 3 weeks exactly today and the result has been amazing, though it has its own pros and cons. At first i was feeling dizzy especially if am doing house chores. I have to rise up from the chair slowly else i will be dizzy. I believe i talk normally even though my colleagues said i talk differently , the most important is they understand me when i talk. That all that matters. I have to denounce my love for cold water . Straw became an important item in my bag/car. People has been on my case telling me the decision is a drastic one but i know these same set of people would tell me to do something about my protruding tummy had it been am still carrying the bulge around.  Now i can fit into my dresses  that i couldn’t before  and my girdle are now carrying out the function i got them for, my protruding tummy is no longer competing with the girdle.  I already lost 8kg and i plan to go for 4 weeks. I can’t exercise at this time because it’s dangerous exercising without eating. My round cheek has gone down. Have to gaggle with warm water and salt 6 times daily, though have not been frequent with this.

People have been teasing me with food they know i won’t be able to eat. My sister offered me corn the other day. I knew it was intentional because she knows have been cheating. I eat beans made into paste and i will suck it in. i also blend oat into powdery form and suck it. My boss will imitate me by talking to me with his teeth clenched together. One of my boss had his birthday and we went to a Chinese restaurant but i couldn’t eat. I imagined myself with my teeth opened.

This is what i call my disappearing act  because am feeling like am gradually disappearing and am cool with it. I really hope i will make it through the remaining 1 week not that am craving for food but i want to start exercising.

I will be posting updates and probably pictures as i progress in my disappearing act.



Medical Doctor Jumps Into Lagoon From 3rd Mainland Bridge

Medical Doctor Jumps Into Lagoon From 3rd Mainland Bridge

A medical doctor, identified as Orji has jumped into the Lagos Lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge.

LM gathered that the man, who was being driven by his driver in a Sports Utility Vehicle, SUV, was receiving a call when he suddenly asked his driver to stop.

The driver of the SUV was quoted as saying that the man asked him to stop, came out of the vehicle and jumped into the Lagoon on Third Mainland Bridge.

The incident occurred on the bridge between Adekunle and Adeniji on Third Mainland Bridge inward Lagos Island on Sunday evening.

LM gathered that policemen from Adeniji Police Station had taken the driver and the SUV to the police station.

Officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, LASEMA and the police are currently at the scene to retrieve the body of the victim.

Several calls made to the phone of the State’s Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Famous Cole were not picked.

However, LASTMA General Manager, Adesina Tiamiyu confirmed the incident, saying that the agency received a distress call of a man who parked his grey coloured Nissan SUV with registration number LND 476 EE at about 4.50 pm on Sunday, 19th March, 2017 around Adekunle, inward 3rd Mainland bridge and jumped into the Lagos Lagoon.

“Preliminary investigation at the scene revealed that the man, said to be medical doctor named Orji who was said to be driven by his driver and suddenly ordered the driver to pull over, dropped from the car and suddenly jumped into the water from the bridge.

“The vehicle and the driver have been taken to Adeniji Adele Police Station for further investigation, while effort is on going to recover his body from the Lagoon,” he said.

Tiamiyu said that proper investigation would be conducted on the incident by the appropriate authorities

Culled from PM News



How to overcome pain


Pain, I have realized, is part of life even though it affects our attitude, appearance and our body.God doesn’t permit pain if he is not going to use it for our turn around. There is purpose in every pain. God doesn’t waste our pain. We can turn our pain into strength and make it have purpose.

1 Corinthians 10:13 No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

I was under the ministration of Pastor Omowunmi Idowu of HICC Gbagada sometimes last year , precisely 27th November, and she talked about overcoming pain. That is one of her ministration that I can’t forget in a jiffy. It was actually the very one that got me hooked to HICC till today. It was a time I was hurting and I was shrugging it off telling myself it’s nothing. One attributes of being in pain , especially when we are being hurt by the closest people to us, is that we won’t admit that we are in pain but rather try to act like it’s nothing.

We all experience pain in life, whether emotional or physical pain. No pain is alike, we must all walk the journey and path that God has for our lives, yet God promises that there is a purpose in all pain. We can press on each day knowing that our God loves us and wants to use the hurt and pain in this world to bring Him glory.

One of the ways to overcome pain is to accept that you are in pain i. e acknowledge your pain. Don’t deny it. It’s ok to hurt. It’s not a sin until you give pain the chance to conquer you. Think about the particular thing the other person did that hurted you, that is, the exact action or words that hurted you. When you know the reason you are hurt, you will be able to prevent a reoccurrence. It is typical of people , after recounting what the other party did , to say “am not hurt”. You might have been hurted as a result of your kind gestures, uttering those words shows how much pain we bear.

Another way is to involve other people by talking to them about our pain.Open up to God about it as if He doesn’t know. No man can understand as God would. This will help you see the gain in the pain and also the power you can gain in the pain.Look for someone to share it with. Don’t bottle up your feelings. Say it continually.Psalm 34:18

We can also overcome our pain by  forgiving ourself and the person who hurts us because we were forgiven by God.

Lastly, build capacities to handle pain.We should know that when we go through pain, God is helping us to build capacities. There is nothing we can do to avoid being hurted. We will go through situations when family and friends will say a lot of hurful words to us.We shouldn’t allow our pains to hold us down.Roman 8:22

How to overcome pain